The Organisation

The Council of SRI is the supreme policy making body which also provides operational guidelines. It consists of eminent persons from different disciplines and walks of life. The members of SRI council are:

Members of SRI Council as on 1st April, 2015
Chairman:   Dr. A. K. Basu
45, Jodhpur Park
Vice Chairman:   Fr. Marc De Brouwer S.J
Gram Utthan Kendra, Gumla-835207
Secretary:   Dr. Ranjit Toppo
Asst. Director
XISS, Purulia Road,
Ranchi- 834001
Honorary Members
Dr. A. K. Basu
45, Jodhpur Park
Fr. Marc De Brouwer S.J
Gram Utthan Kendra
Dr. A. P. Gupta
Retd. Professor IIT-Kharagpur
BF-279, Salt Lake City
Prof R. L. Muni Chakraborty
Ex.Prof.Area Planning, IIT-KGP
BH-49, Sector-II
Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091
Mr. C. K. Basu
IAS, (Retd.)
M/325, Ashiana Utsav
Ashiana Village, Bhiwadi- 301 019
Dr. C. C. Sarkar
Raja Ram Mohan Roy Path
Bhagalpur (Bihar)
Dr. Ranjit Toppo
Asst. Director
XISS, Purulia Road,
Ranchi- 834001
Mr. Deepankar Sengupta
Chief Executive Officer, SRI
ENEM Villa, Ranchi-834002
Mr. B. N. Roy
Circular Road
Dr. Karuna Jha
Bharti Hospital
Ms. Nandini Sen
45, Jodhpur park
Kolkata – 700 068
Sister Rosily
Holy Cross Social Service Centre
Hazaribagh - 825301
Fr. Alex Ekka S.J
Director, XISS
Purulia Road
Fr. Xavier Soreng  S.J
Bagaicha, Namkum

Structure and Management
SRI is a multi tier and multi disciplinary organization whose activities are conducted through three thematic channels. Each channel is designed as a 4-tier system. Most of the senior members have to take up multi-role responsibility, occupying different tiers in different channels. SRI has 92 regular staff on its role.

Responsibility of overall operational management is vested on the Chief Executive Officer supported by Administrator and Finance Officer. CEO is also responsible for efficient and effective functioning of thematic groups and their projects.

However, since the members of the Council are experts in their fields, their actual interaction with the staff is frequent to guide research and field work.

This year Rural Technology Park, Angara has been restructured under the management control of Director (RTP). All program at Angara will be under the jurisdiction of the Director. Agro Technical Research is shifted to RTP.

We Spread our wings by networking with NGO's, Industries and Govt.

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