Techno-scientific activities of SRI is conducted through three thematic groups,

Technology for Marginal Farmers.

Technology for Village women

Technology for Rural professionals

Theme-1 : Technology for Marginal Farmers

Marginal FarmerJharkhand has 84% farmers having land holding of less than 1 ha, averaging 0.52 ha. The land is of poor health and irrigation support is negligible.
SRI concentrates on:
Improving production of rice on the upland .
Designing cost effective irrigation system.
Promoting Off-season vegetable cultivation .
Cost effective Soil nutrients. Nursery management and Pond culture for Major Indian Carps.

Theme-2 : Technology for Rural Women

Rural Professional In the poor households, the women are the anchors and stabilizers. Their empowerment and active participation is essential for any development effort to succeed. SRI uses Science & Technology as the most important tool for empowerment and enterprise development for income generation.
Women are divided into two operational groups, first one is of adolescent girls and the second is of women.
Knowledge dissemination using science & technology is carried out by the first group through adolescent’s club.
Income generating activities are carried out by the second group through Women Self Help group.

Theme-3 : Technology for Rural Professional

For a balanced development of rural India, dependence on agriculture for livelihood, has to reduce. This entails capacity building in NFS. This has two components eg. Skill Development and Technology Development and Dissemination. This thematic group of SRI is involved in both these activities.

Skill development: Vocational courses in following trades are conducted in a well equipped training centre,
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Diesel Pumps & Agro Equipments
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Two Wheeler Technician
  • Mason
  • Plumbing
  • Food Processing & Mashroom Cultivation
  • Integrated Fish Furning
  • Production of Low Cost Sanitary Napkin (For women)
  • Home Illumination

Technology Development: SRI has well equipped laboratories and workshops for carrying out research, development and engineering. The product and processes developed through these facilities are put in use through structured training and technology support system.

We Infuse Technology with Spritual Conviction

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