1. Technology for Marginal Farmers

  • All India Co-ordinated Programme on Aquaculture covering 6 states to set up Fish breeding, hatchery and nursery stations.
  • Regional Coordinated Project on Land & Water Management at 6 locations in Jharkhand and West Bengal.
  • In campus training for about 300 farmers on upland water management, Rice cultivation and off-season vegetable production.
  • Trained 25 NGOs in Jharkhand on SRI Technology of Rice cultivation and Extension services to spread it to all districts.
  • Extension support to 214 tribal women at Angara to adopt SRI technology.
  • Technology, Training and Marketing support to 92 women’s groups for organic vegetable, vermi and fortified composting.
  • Livelihood Promotional support to 720 families at Angara through agriculture and small animal management resulting in 72% crossing the poverty line.

2. Technology for Village Professionals

  • Provided institutional training to 10,248 youths in various skills related to Engineering Technology like Fabrication, Carpentry, Electrical & Electronic, Mason, Diesel pump maintenance, Two wheeler maintenance, Hand pump repair etc. About 65-70% continue to use the skill and about 2000 have established their own service centres.
  • Worked with 92 Mahali families on bamboo craft providing skill up gradation, product diversification and market linkages.
  • Helped to set up 14 women’s enterprises on LED-Solar PV systems, each capable to provide home light to 20 to 30 households.
  • Out of the 500 youths trained at Bhojpur district of Bihar, 280 are already self-employed or gainfully engaged.
  • Trained 30 youths as Para-technologists through one year multi-technology programme. All are occupying responsible positions in NGO and government.
  • Promoted cost effective construction technology by conducting All-India Coordinated programme covering Tripura, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra and built the structure for Lohardaga Town Hall utilizing hoof stress of a well structure and using filler slab technology.
  • Popularized RRB construction in Jharkhand by building Canteen building in local secretariate, Staff quarter in Gymkhana Club, Ranchi and Lohardaga Dairy.
  • Assisted Ramakrishna Mission, Ranchi to establish Birhor colony Tamar and rehabilitation colony at Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh coast.
  • Popularized Cycle-trolley as goods carrier in the villages, developed in collaboration with Ready University, UK.
  • Installed 18 Washer Pumps in Jharkhand, Maharastra, Pondichery and Tamil Nadu mainly for field demonstration.
  • Trained about 3000 women on food processing focusing on nutrition and hygiene.
  • Helped to set up six Commercial spawn production units in villages for mushroom and popularized mushroom in Jharkhand.
  • Set up 15 Food Processing centres in Jharkhand villages.
  • Continue to offer the services of central processing plants to farmers producing tomato.
  • Popularised Mahua Kismis production in Lohardaga and Latehar districts through training and follow-up support to about 400 women.

3. Technology for Rural Women

  • Established 15 women’s Resource Centres in Jharkhand and Orissa for women’s empowerment through Science & Technology intervention.
  • Promoted Sanitary Napkin production and marketing centre and trained women to operate and manage the centres. The concept has spread to all parts of India.
  • Initiated the concept of Adolescent Girls clubs and established 20 such clubs in Jharkhand and Orissa. This has resulted in widespread acceptance of Family planning systems, reduced migration and improved RCH support.
  • Empowered more than 115 Women’s Self Help groups at Angara Block through Science and Technology intervention.
  • Introduced improved chulha on a large scale through trained women acting as product and service provider.

4. Area and Programme Planning

  • Drainage Plan for Greater Ranchi – Ranchi Regional Development Authority.
  • Road Plan for Bihar Plateau Development Project – World Bank.
  • Perspective Plan for 22 districts on Agriculture and Horticulture Development – Dept. of Agriculture, Jharkhand.
  • Five-year Plan for NREGA – DRDA, Koderma District.
  • Holistic Development Plan for 10 Blocks of Jharkhand – UNDP.
  • Watershed Development Plans at 4 locations in Orissa (Nuapara) and Jharkhand (Ranchi, Latehar, Plamau).
  • Peripheral Development Plan – Rourkela Steel Plant.
  • Participatory Perspective Plan Preparation of 50 villages in Bihar & Jharkhand – Department of Science and Technology, GoI.
  • Integrated Village Development Plan for Iron Ore Mining Area of South Jharkhand and North Orissa – Raw Materials Division, Steel Authority of India.
  • Planed and helped in setting up two Rural Technology Parks in Meghalaya – Dept. of Science, Technology and Environment, Meghalaya and Ministry of Science& Technology, GoI.
  • A perspective plan "BIHAN' was prepared for Socio Economic Development of Model Steel village in the periphery of Bhilai.

5. Promotion of Development Leadership

  • Social Animators were first introduced in all 91 villages of Angara Block and the system was transferred to more than 60 NGOs.
  • Connected 18 villages in Jharkhand and Bihar through satellite to share knowledge.
  • Scientific analysis and operational principles shared with 90 NGOs and built up strong Social Monitoring groups in two blocks.
  • Oriented teachers of Janta High Schools run by Adivasi Vikas Parishad on Education for 21st century.
  • Annually 6 to 8 Radio-TV presentation.
  • Technology orientation for IAS trainees and district and block officials on various schemes.

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